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Design: Lissy Boesen

Product number 8834

Size, approx.: H:59 L:100 W:75 cm

Weight approx: 444 kg



The sculptures are made for both indoor and outdoor use. They withstand all the seasons of the year, and only become more beautiful with time. When played with and touched, the sculptures gain a smooth surface. 



Colour pigmented concrete. Since we are dealing with natural materials, colour may vary slightly from cast to cast.



The play sculptures are available in our 9 standard colours, defined according to the RAL scale. The colour fades slightly over the first few months after it leaves production. This is a natural curing process. Read more about the colours here.


Most other colours are a possibility. Please contact us if you have any special wishes.


The 9 standard colours are as follows:

If you want to know about the colours and how they convert to CMYK, RGB and HEX, click on one of the palettes or here​.

Download graphics


On our download page you can download the image files from our gallery.


Click here.

Beton BG.jpg
Cat silhouette
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