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"I have always had cats, both as a child and as an adult, and they have always inspired me".

Lissy Boesen
The sculptures

The first models came into the world over 35 years ago. It was the cats that started the adventure. Since then, more animals have been added. But always with the same soft expression.

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The stories

As a newly graduated architect with a special eye for decorating the outdoor space, Lissy set out to collaborate on a new way of producing large concrete play sculptures.


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Play sculptures for nature or urban space

Lissy Boesen Design has created play sculptures for country and city since 1988, placed on everything from playgrounds, squares, pedestrian streets to indoor shopping centers and hospitals. The sculptures are not only beautiful to look at, but invite play and imagination.


For Lissy, the cat is a beautiful and fascinating creature with a serene nature. It's almost as if it knows how to arrange its body so that it looks the best it can. With such an obvious 'model', it is hardly a coincidence that it was precisely the cat that was the first to be immortalised.


As a newly graduated architect, Lissy worked on a project about children in the city. Decorating the outdoor space, for and with children. This was the starting point for her collaboration with the Danish Institute of Technology, around a new method for production of the large animal sculptures.


Welcome to a world where art is not just nice for the eye, but where it is encouraged to be touched, sat on and played with. Allow the imagination to decide.

You can see our selection here, or read more about the concept and the stories behind it. The stories continue…


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The concept

The play sculptures are a combination of decorating the outdoor space with play and imagination. To cater to several generations together.



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