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Color codes (indicative)

The play sculptures are available in our 9 standard colours, defined according to the RAL scale. Please note, all colors are indicative and colour tones may vary from cast to cast. It is therefore recommended to order together if there are several of the same color for a project.


If you have an idea for other colours than our standard, please do not hesitate to contact us with your wishes.

The colour of the play sculptures fades slightly over the first few months after they leave production. This is a natural curing process. Other factors that influence the expression of the sculptures include the environment and the extent to which they are used. With continued play and touch, the concrete gains a smooth surface, just as an untouched sculpture acquires a more weathered patina.


This is how we converted the colours

We have converted the above RAL colours to RGB. RGB is then converted from RGB to HEX and from RGB to CMYK.


​Please be aware that if you convert RAL colours directly to HEX and CMYK, the result will be different.

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