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Play sculptures for country and urban spaces, for institutions, playgrounds and residential areas

Designer and artist Lissy Boesen has since 1988 created play sculptures for the country and urban spaces as well as institutions and playgrounds all over the world. A concept that continues to develop - and now the whole family is on the journey…


Come and have a look at some of the placements that work well, both outdoors and indoors.


We also take you on the journey of how the sculptures come to be.

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In city and forest


You can browse around the galleries and see how the sculptures appear in different places. Above we are at Østerbro. As you can see, Lissy Boesen has combined both the function of sitting and playing in the sculpture into one beautiful unit.


Below we are in nature with two snails. The sculptures are made of coloured concrete and can withstand the outdoors all year round. Over the years, they age with a beautiful patina surface -just like the rest of us.

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From idea to sculpture


The process of creating a new sculpture begins with calm contemplation; an observation of animal behavior, a series of sketches on paper and in clay. It is the love of the process that is reflected in the finished product.

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Much of the animal kingdom has been depicted. Some of them develop into a sculpture, others stand a bit in the background and are brought to the fore after many years. So there are many animals that hibernate until they possibly become part of the herd.

The small models gradually take shape and are polished until they reach the rounded simplicity and soft surface that is characteristic of Lissy's expression. Finally one of the sketches are chosen for an upscaling and further pre-production.

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No models are put into production unless Lissy has personally approved them.